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About Us

We are an employee managed entertainment company equipped to provide our services nationwide. Our goal is to put you in direct contact with the individuals facilitating your event. When you call us, you will not be talking to a remote sales staff as you would with a larger company, but directly to people whose livelihood depends on group success.

Before starting Good Imagination Entertainment, we gained years of experience working both locally and nationwide in the college entertainment market. Two things we have observed in other companies are the disconnect between sales staff and road staff and the demand of management to keep costs down by running shows with faulty, "good enough" equipment, and using cheap materials to manufacture giveaway products.

When you call us, you will reach people who have run our shows. There will be no misinformation or broken promises. We put time and energy into finding local, sustainable and high quality supplies for our events, all at or lower than the cost of our competitors. We eliminate unnecessary expenses by buying locally and through fuel efficient transportation.